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On the heart-swelling but frightening journey of early parenting

Our second guest post comes from my friend and mother colleague, Jen Delaney. When I saw Jen's Facebook post below, I was taken by her ability to write about The Hard Things in a way that was raw and powerful, and tinged with hope and beauty. Tonic & Tea is privileged to be able to share this with you all.   
I did not mean to write the following post.

I had spent a beautiful, sunny day with my toddler, happily walking around our neighbourhood completing tasks. All the while I had marvelled at how strikingly gorgeous I found the tree-lined streets, how confidently and positively I engaged with every person with whom I spoke, and how the smell of jasmine flowers made my heart sing.

That evening, after having tucked my little daughter into her bed, I was relaxing and casually scrolling my Facebook feed. A good friend of mine—herself another new mum of a daughter—had published a short, copy-the-text-and-post-your-answers style survey listing some of her favourite things, with…

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