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How to read more (fun stuff) during your PhD

I love books. I love everything about them. How they transport you to another world, teach you new things or validate something about your life experience. How they feel to hold and how they look stacked on a shelf. And their smell... Old book smell is heavenly. 
Finding the time to read books for pleasure can be challenging for anyone but perhaps especially so for the PhDer. So much of your time is spent reading papers and books on your topic it can be difficult to then read more text for pleasure (especially when it's never been easier to binge watch a television series). 

There is usually at least one book on my bedside table/floor/couch; most months I'll get through 2 or more. Through trial and error I learnt a few tricks to keep practising my love of reading during my PhD:

Quality of work over quantity of hours worked = more time for fun

Early in my candidature I did a series of workshops with Hugh Kearns from iThinkWell (this is not a sneaky ad - I'm not that important!)…

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