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5 tips for surviving diagnosis delay

Sometimes you get sick, go to the doctor and they can’t tell you what’s wrong or make you better. At least not right away. This post is dedicated to that period when you’re sick but don’t have a label for it (aka ‘diagnosis delay’).* I’ve written this with women who go on to be diagnosed with endometriosis—which can have a diagnosis delay of around 8.5 years!—in mind but it can apply to anyone living in the limbo that is waiting for a diagnosis.
Note.These are suggestions only. When I was particularly unwell a few years ago, I often felt like a ‘bad patient’ when I didn’t do something that was recommended to me by a health professional. But you are the expert in you, your body and your life. If it doesn’t feel right to do, then don’t do it. Although it is worth noting that sometimes you might feel like you can’t do something when, with a little push, you can and you end up being glad you did. It can be hard to know when to take it easy and when to push yourself; I suspect it’s somethin…

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